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How does it work

For Publishers?

Publishers will earn 20%-60% of what the advertisers spend on an ad. So if an advertiser spent $1.00 on one click from an add you published, you would earn $0.20 - $0.60 per click. There are two types of earnings you can make. Free Money* and Actual Money*. The differences will be explained below.

For Advertisers?

As an advertiser you can generate a large amount of hits to yoursite with our advertising compaign. We have in place 10 security features to make sure to track down and eliminate click fraud. You can earn Free Money* by publishing, or pay for advertising through our different payment methods. All fees will be transfered to Free Money* and the rest will be considered actual money, so you can withdraw it if you decide not to use it. The differences of Free Money* and Actual Money* will be explained below.

What is Free Money* and Actual Money*?

Free Money* are credits to your account that can not be transfered into cash, but can be used to advertise.
Actual Money* can be transfered to your paypal account.

*We plan on changing the name of the balances in the future.
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